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Founded in 1963, our farm is located at the southern tip of Taiwan, where the climate is sunny and absolutely ideal for growing orchids. Originally, we were a family agriculture company. After accumulating enough experience and techniques of Phalaenopsis cultivation, in 1995 we decided to fully commit ourselves to commercial Phalaenopsis production.

Greenhouse Size 
In addition to the 58,000
computer-controlled greenhouses , our farm also cooperates with 40 selected satellite farms that offer 250,000 of greenhouse facilities. Due to our long-term trust and cooperation, they have become valuable resources of our company. We also have additional five hectares of company owned land that is being prepared to build new greenhouses for cultivating Phalaenopsis orchids.

Top Quality 
Our goal from our first day in the orchid industry was to become a supplier to the international market. As a young company, 100% of our total production was exported to Japan. In later years, our business has become more diversified after expanding into the US, Canada and European markets in 2000. Due to our strong commitment to quality, our orchids have met strict Japanese standards since 1995. Benefiting from the sunny climate in southern Taiwan, we believe we can take care of all kinds of cultivation requirements. Currently, 95% of our Phalaenopsis orchid production is exported to international commercial growers, 30% to Japan and the other 70% to America, Canada, Europe and Reunion. Since we are capable of shipping to the USA being a certified greenhouse for shipping in moss we have had the experience and sales of 100 40 feet containers to the USA in year 2011.

Innovation / New Variety
In the spirit of leading innovation, we constantly develop and breed new varieties, selecting and testing their traits for years. To provide customers with excellent and stable new varieties, cultivating capacity, and B2B delivery service. We always ask ourselves : stay ahead , pursuit self-management and keep R&D innovating.

Annual Production

Phal Flask 4,000,000 plants 
Phal 1.7" Pot (6 cm pot size) 3,000,000 plants
Phal 2.5" Pot (7.5 cm pot size) USA size 3" pot 4,000,000 plants
Phal 2.8" Pot (8 cm pot size) USA size 4" pot 2,000,000 plants
Phal 3" Pot (9 cm pot size) USA size 5" pot 1,000,000 plants
Phal 3.5" Pot (12 cm pot size) USA size 5" pot 1,000,000 plants

Breeding and species selection, flasks, cultivation planning for all sizes, order management.

We sincerely welcome you to visit our farm. Feel free to contact us.